Duncan Chapel Fire District’s ISO Rating Moves from a Class 4 to Class 2


(Greenville County, SC / April 11, 2016) Duncan Chapel Fire District officials announced today that the special purpose district improved two classifications according to the Insurance Services Office (ISO®) – the New Jersey-based organization that collects fire protection information in communities throughout the United States to help establish insurance premiums for residential and commercial properties.

Using its Public Protection Classification (PPC™) scale of 1 (representing exemplary public protection) to 10 (indicating that an area’s fire-protection does not meet ISO’s minimum criteria), ISO awarded Duncan Chapel a Class 2 rating.

Among ISO’s database of more than 48,500 fire jurisdictions nationwide (601 in South Carolina), just over 1300 in the United States (87 in South Carolina) hold a Class 2 or better.

Chief Russell Watson of Duncan Chapel said, “With the blessing of our commissioners, our personnel and officers put a plan together nearly four years ago to increase the level of service and protection we are able to provide. With our new station about to come on line in the next couple of months, we will be able to reduce response times to another part of the District. ISO’s recognition of our rating improving from a Class 4 to a Class 2 is a public acknowledgement of our efforts paying off for our residents and businesses.”

As a result of improving to a Class 2 rating, property owners in the district could see savings in their property insurance premiums when the new rating takes effect on July 1, 2016. (NOTE: Property insurance premium changes will vary by insurance carrier and property.)

According to public information published by ISO, objective evaluations of fire jurisdictions focus on four major areas:

  • Emergency Communications Systems — Focusing on a community’s facilities and support for handling and dispatching alarms for structure fires,
  • Fire Department – Measuring a community’s fire suppression capabilities by reviewing such items as engine companies, ladder or service companies, deployment of fire companies, equipment carried on apparatus, pumping capacity, reserve apparatus, company personnel, and training,
  • Water Supply – Evaluating a community’s water supply system to determine the adequacy for fire suppression purposes, and
  • Community Risk Reduction – Examining reduction efforts such as fire prevention code adoption and enforcement, public fire safety education, and fire investigation.

Bill Addis, chairman of the Duncan Chapel Fire District said, “In 2013, we made a case to District voters that we needed to add an additional station to expand our protective capability in the District. We asked them to approve a bond to help us do it, and they approved that referendum with more than 72% voting in favor. We told them we wanted to improve our service and that the bond was an investment in the District’s future. We promised them that our team would work tirelessly to improve our protection rating, and today’s announcement is a way for us to say, ‘We kept our promise. Thank you for trusting us.’”

Duncan Chapel Fire District ISO Classification Dates

  • 1971 Class 8
  • 1972 from Class 8 to Class 7
  • 1974 from Class 7 to Class 5
  • 2003 from Class 5 to Class 4
  • Effective July 1, 2016 from Class 4 to Class 2


About the Duncan Chapel Fire District

The mission of the Duncan Chapel Fire District is to protect the lives, property, and environment for the community by providing prompt, effective, and efficient emergency response activities along with proactive community risk reduction services. For more information about the Duncan Chapel Fire District, visit www.duncanchapelfire.org.


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