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 Mailing Address:   Duncan Chapel Fire District                                   Phone Numbers:   Station – (864) 294-4827
                                       5111 Old Buncombe Rd                                                                                 Fax –       (864) 294-4826     
                                       Greenville, SC  29617

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One comment to “Contact Us”
  1. Hello!
    My name is Ivan. I am sorry to bother you, but it is very important for me. I am very glad to know that there are people who care about safety and defence of other citizens. They risk their lives when they do good. There was a poem about firefighter in the last century. I’ve translated it, and it looks so:

    Sparks rush, flame whirls.
    Tongue of fire is formidable.
    I’m used to danger!
    There is no rest for weeks.
    Stay on guard night and day.
    Shaky stair step is bended
    under me with a bang.
    When I hang under the eaves
    I perform the hard work
    In a whirlwind of sparks,
    in puff of smoke
    day and night tirelessly.
    Agility, boldness and courage
    Should be the rule for us.
    Wet and heavy caftan is freezed.
    I singed my hair…
    Direct the jet with skillful hand.
    Open up the roof with a crowbar
    And give the frozen hose
    through the flame.
    I’m full of fire at the high roofs of
    the towers like at home.
    I am not afraid of the heat of the fire,
    I’m at war for a century.

    I wish you good luck and less unpleasant incidents. I collect different materials and items related to the Fire Services symbolics around the world. I’ll be very happy to get a shoulder patch or a pin from the Duncan Chapel Fire District for my collection. Hope for your understanding. Thank you. Have a nice day!

    My address:

    Ivan Litvinkin
    Balaklavskiy prosp., 3-106
    Russian Federation

    Best Regards,
    Ivan Litvinkin

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