Outdoor Burning Information

Outdoor burning is regulated and all persons preparing to conduct an outdoor open burn must call their appropriate fire department/district and register their burn prior to lighting the fire.  Duncan Chapel Fire District residents may call the station at (864) 294-4827 to register their outdoor fires.  Additionally, you must register your outside fire with the State Forestry Commission by calling 1-800-986-5299 and leaving the requested information.  Please take the time to fully review the information provided on this page to enable you to make a well informed decission regarding outdoor burning before you light your fire.

Greenville County

Click here to review the Greenville County ordinance on open burning.

South Carolina Forestry Commission

Information provided by the South Carolina Forestry Commission can be accessed through this link here.

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC)

Information provided by South Carolina DHEC is provided through the Links in the drop down menu for Outdoor Burning at the top of this page, or by connecting to the DHEC web-site here, or directly contacting their local regional office:

Greenville EQC

301 University Ridge, Suite 5800

Greenville, SC  29601

Phone (864) 241-1090

Fax (864) 241-1092