History of the District

The Duncan Chapel Fire District (Greenville, South Carolina) was founded in 1970 in an effort to provide organized fire protection for the Duncan Chapel area. Prior to the organization of the district, no organized fire protection was available and protection could not be secured from neighboring fire districts. During a community meeting in November of 1969, a committee was formed to develop a fire protection plan for this area and, by a community vote in April 1970, the committee’s recommendation to form a fire district was approved by voters.

A group of volunteers were trained as firefighters by the Furman University Fire Department. The Furman University Fire Department continued to work with Duncan Chapel Fire District to provide assistance in the way of equipment – specifically the use of an old, refurbished fire engine – and in the way of dispatch by providing an alerting system for volunteers.


Duncan Chapel Fire District’s First Station

The original Duncan Chapel Fire District station is located near the current station on Old Buncombe Road. While a new station was being built, this station was used from the time that the district began accepting calls in October 1970 until March of 1971, when the new station was completed. Along with the completion of the new station, a new fire engine and equipment for the district was delivered. Upon the move into the new station, the Insurance Services Office (ISO) rated the Duncan Chapel Fire District as a Class 8 department.

In 1972, the Furman University Fire Department by way of a contractual agreement, joined the Duncan Chapel Fire District and brought with them their apparatus, equipment, and personnel. This arrangement allowed Duncan Chapel Fire District to staff the station full-time and receive an ISO Class 7 rating. In late 1974, the members of the Duncan Chapel Fire District earned an ISO Class 5 rating and in 2003, an ISO Class 4 rating was obtained.

With the construction of Station 2 on Foothills Road and the addition of and improvement to a number of protective capabilities, effective July 1, 2016, the Duncan Chapel Fire District is a Class 2 rated department.